Artisan Soap Bags

Artisan Soap Bags

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Our soap bags will help stimulate the body and promote blood circulation. Using a soap bag will help extend the life of your soap bar too. The natural fibres will also exfoliate, helping to remove dead skin. Place your soap bar into the soap bag and wash away as usual. 

Sisal is a natural fiber that comes from the Agave Sisalana plant and is 100% natural. 


Stimulates blood flow.
Extends the life of your soaps.
Exfoliates the skin.
100% biodegradable.


Useful Tips:

1. Pop all your little left over soaps in this natural soap bag, no wastage. 
2. Hang the soap bag from the drawstring to dry, away from water so you don’t get your soap soggy. 
3. Once your bag is getting old and worn, simply through it into the garden compost.